China to provide 300,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine


BEIJING: The government of China has announced that it will immediately provide 300,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines to Nepal as grant.

According to government sources, China is currently waiting for a letter from the Ministry of Health and Population to send the vaccine to Nepal.

A Chinese mega pharmaceutical company Sinorpham is about to provide 300,000 doses of corona vaccine in the first phase which will be enought to innoculate 150,000 people.

It is stated that the preparation is underway to send 6 million vaccine to the government of Nepal. Demand for the Chinese vaccine has reached worldwide.

 Due to the low capacity of vaccine storage in Nepal and the lack of skilled manpower for vaccination, the government of China has decided to send the vaccine in installment basis.

The Chinese government had recently provided 500,000 doses of the corona vaccine produced by Sinoform to the Pakistani government.