33 houses in Parbat village at high risk of landslide


Parbat, As landslides occurred in Korung Community Forest, a total of 33 households at Modi Rural Municipality-2 in Parbat district have been pushed to high risk of landslide. 

Around 15 hectares of land of the community forest has witnessed landslides, posing high risks to the downward villages and agricultural farms.    

Basanta Bikram Timilsina, a teacher and local from Patichaur village, said that gradual landslide is taking place and 14 houses from a community at Sunchap village are at high risk of the landslide. 

Likewise, other houses are also on the verge of being collapsed along with the landslide. “The state of landslide is beyond telling here. Agricultural farms set up with the millions of investment are likely to be damaged in the landslide,” he added.   

Meanwhile, Spokesperson of Modi Rural Municipality Bimal Lamichhane said that there was no alternative to shifting the villagers for safeguarding their lives from the landslides. (Rss)